Hey, I'm Daje--the soul behind Founding Space.

I'm a deeply sensitive, multi-passionate mid-twenties go-getter with a fervent love for old-school anime, rock n' roll, and smoky little dive bars. By night, I'm a touring songwriter and poet. By day, I enjoy making big ole' juicy brand systems for overwhelmed and big-hearted creatives like you.

Music, poetry, and brand systems all have one thing in common: story. I love telling them. I love absorbing them, creating space for them, and helping others create and refine their own.

I come to brand storytelling with a background in creative writing and graphic design at the University of Tennessee; ten years of associate-level and two years of director-level experience in marketing, and experience as a digital communications UX designer.

As an entrepreneur in brand storytelling, I went from facing eviction and eating ramen everyday to booking consistent 4-figure contracts that now keep me sustained and growing. This shift happened when I realized that our real and authentic narratives are the stories that matter most--especially in our businesses. Gone are the days where white-walled Instagram feeds and cookie-cutter content hold relevancy. In this new wave of digital media, where we are constantly fed cultural disappointments; the more truthfully we can show up to our clients and audiences, the better. Right now, we have an incredible responsibility to communicate with integrity and intention, while generously holding space for beauty to thrive.

I live by this powerful quote from our favorite neighborhood shame researcher,

"You can either walk inside of your story and own it or you stand outside of it hustling for your worthiness." - Brene Brown